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International Women's Month with Telus International Philippines

Telus International Philippines has been consecutively part of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces® Award –and one of the reasons is that its resource groups continue to support and stir action towards advocacies, activities and conversations that allow its employees to be their better selves.

This year, for International Women's Month, the company gathered a diverse powerhouse roster of women who took the crowd through the "hard conversations" while sharing their own stories. The panel composed of:

  1. Mia Franz-Gelicka – model, content creator and body positivity advocate

  2. Tita G (Grace Co) – 30-ish year old milennial and tita-by-heart content creator and corporate professional and advocate for education

  3. Anne Muñoz – TELUS' International Philippines' very own Country Vice President. A visionary and a 20-year professional, she is part of the company's Community Board and is an active voice on women's leadership across the industry.

  4. Ria Lopez – TELUS' very own head of Finance Planning and Analysis. This mom of three leads in a field that is mostly dominated by men.


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