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Jill Go's 18th

Tita Julie and Tito Johnny were at the TWL Bridal Fair looking for the best people to work on their daughter's "Not-So-Debut Debut" where the goal was to come up with something out of the traditional box without compromising the symbolic details of a debut. It was there where they booked me as well as their OTD Kalila Events.

Thank you Jill, Tita Julie and Tito Johnny Go for allowing us to create your celebration with you! Always wishing the best for Jill who, through her friends that I've met, is already a go-getter, get-it-done, reliable and independent young lady with a soft spot for what she loves.

Cheers to the Go family!

Venue: Admiral Hotel MGallery

OTD: Kalila Events

Host: Steffi Lucero | #SteffiHosts


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