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Rollerskate Session at Johnnie Rhythm & Roll: A Collab with VICE x Johnnie Walker x James Reid

Johnnie Rhythm & Roll was a project launch x celebration that sprung from the Philippine leg of the 3-part series collaboration of Johnnie Walker and VICE called: Walk Beyond Collabs.

The event aimed to raise a glass to support Filipino music and the growing community of rollerskaters in the country. There were musical performances by Careless Music PH artists and a Rollerskate Session hosted by myself while Debbie hosted the majority of the program. It was a night I won't forget as it's also the first time I get to do two of my passions in one moment, and even more, share it with a community close to my heart!

Countless thank yous to each person we got to work with and learn from in this wild experience!

With the goal of crossing the worlds of Philippine pop music and the local sub-culture of rollerskating, Johnnie Walker and VICE tapped James Reid of Careless Music who is known to many as a creatively disruptive artist, to work together with myself and my rollerskate crew, the Skatebomb Girls. The goal was to allow our worlds to blend so we can create something that has never been done before... but I won't spoil the rest so you can enjoy watching the full documentary! If anything, we felt collaboration to the truest sense of the word and are ever grateful to represent the growing local community in the Philippines! The project also featured artists from Malaysia and Vietnam in their other episodes.



Featured article from the Philippine Star: James Reid teases future collaborations with South Korean, Southeast Asian artists (James Reid (right) with Steffi Lucero of Skatebomb Girls) • June 28, 2023

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