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Miriam College High School Family Day 2023 (MCHS)

When the world's doors shut close in consequence of the pandemic back in 2020, everyone's calendars got cleared or turned virtual. Two years and billions of vaccines later in 2023, live engagements are crawling back into people's calendars as the world continues to heal.

It was perfect timing for the Miriam College High School to hold their Family Day right on the third and final day of their fair. It was the first time since the lockdown since the MCHS students together with their families and faculty, gathered together to fill the High School Sports Complex with creative and competitive spirits.

Congratulations to the Seniors (Green Batch) who bagged champion of the overall house cup and kudos to the Freshmen (Pink Batch) for hosting their very first high school family day!

Special thanks to the MCHS Family Council, HS Principal Mrs. Roman, Pink Batch Parents headed by Mrs. Domingo.

Client: Miriam College High School

Venue: MCHS Sports Complex

Host: Steffi Lucero | #SteffiHosts


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