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Native Shoes' Sunny Side Camp

Client/ Organizer: Native Shoes, Premiere Group

Location: Sta. Elena Fun Farm, Laguna

Partners: Tattumundo, Sanicare, Kiss Me UV Sunscreen

Host: Steffi Lucero | #SteffiHosts

Native shoes is a Canadian shoe brand that active outdoor enthusiasts love! Their team in the Philippines arranged a super fun and engaging outdoor experience for kids and kids at heart –meaning Gen-Zs, Millennials and Parents of little kids.

I had the honor of hosting this camp-themed event where people got to build new relationships through creative, competitive and immersive activities. It was a breath of fresh air –pun intended! Not gonna lie, I know I worked for this event but looking back as I write this, the camp worked for me in a way that it pulled me out just in the right time to get my dose of nature and get my mind and body feel refreshed.

Thank you and congratulations to the Native Shoes team (shoutout to Nadz and Hanna) for pulling this off, it was a pleasure working with you!


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