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Norima Technologies: Havana Year-end Party

Venue: The Blue Leaf, Cavite

Theme: Havana

Client: NTI: Norima Technologies Inc.

Organizer/ Coordinator: Kawaii Events

Hosting Reel:


Watch the SDE Video here. 🖤

NTI was easily one of my favorite crowds among all the events I've hosted for this year! The grand ballroom was a long stretch but tables from both ends of the room were all in it for the fun! Highlights of the night were definitely uncovering raffle prize winners (everyone went wild for that Grand iPhone 14) and announcing the NTI Got Talent Champion!


  • Dancers (solos and groups)

  • Singers (solos and groups)

  • Band Performers

  • Stand up comedian


  • Wayne Iluyomade, President of Norima Technologies - Manila

  • Brent Cape, Chief Operating Officer

  • Dave Cameron, Executive Vice President of Financial Services

  • Joseph Pollone, Vice President of Digital Engagement

  • Mario Galut - Senior Manager


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