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Steffi Speaks for TOMCAT UST: Circle of Talents Workshop

In the fast-paced sphere of events & media, it can be so refreshing to get an inquiry that sets from the usual "hi, what's your hosting rate for a 3-hour event?"

One weeknight, I received a message from Max of TOMCAT - UST, the premier events management and media production organization of the University of Santo Tomas, inviting me to be their career/ resource speaker for their pool of student-artists/ talents who aspire to get into the industry.

Beyond just sharing my story and the ins-and-outs of the business, I wanted to make sure the talents got to have a structured blueprint they can use in their career journey. Thank you, TOMCAT Talents and leaders! Felt a fresh surge of energy that I'm able to spark others' who share in the same passion!

To hosting newbies or aspiring hosts, I'm open for mentorships and consultation. Just shoot me a message ( 🤎


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